Why should you invest?


The central area of Marple has enjoyed something of a resurgence for leisure and entertainment in recent years, boasting a vibrant scene of cafes, bars and restaurants along with a post office, doctor’s surgery, clothing shops and hair salons etc. Yet its rich historical heritage and its community facilities and activities are still relatively unknown outside a small section of Marple. We are also under resourced for these activities to grow and flourish.  This is your chance to support the growth of our community and a celebration of our heritage.


What WOULD you BE investing in?

The Marple Wharf warehouse is a historic heritage grade 2 listed building. It is a key part of Oldknow legacy and a sign of how our area grew and developed from the late 18th Century. It lies at the heart of a canal interchange, with a high volume of canal traffic from leisure users and holiday makers. It is also only a few minutes walk from Marple Centre and is passed daily by people going to and from work, to and from Marple centre and those using the surrounding paths, the towpath and local lanes for leisure and relaxation. Cyclists are also regular passers by.


It is something of a symbol of Marple and its heritage and is a striking enough building to attract visitors both local and tourist. We are clear that if it cannot be purchased by the community and put to community use, the building will ultimately be sold for development (conversion to a residential property) or eventually collapse due to lack of maintenance or use.


The Wharf facility will entertain, inform and educate the estimated 7500 visitors a year through purpose designed fitness studio hire, creative interpretation of Marple’s heritage, related merchandising and a perfectly located cafe serving yummy cakes and frothy coffees!


The Wharf serves four distinct markets:

Heritage and tourism

Local community groups

Canal users

Fitness, Health and Wellbeing


We have based our business plan on assessments via surveys, advice from existing traders, SMBC museums and heritage centres and health clubs and current users. We have assumed 40% usage for the first floor health and fitness centre and 7500 visitors to the heritage centre with an average spend of £4 in the café and £4 in the heritage shop.


We believe we have put together a strong business case to show how a community venture can be a success, by catering for the needs of the local community; we are short of purpose made sports facilities of this kind, we have no heritage display or heritage centre in Marple and there is excess demands for cafe facilities in the area. Whilst we intend to pay 3%  interest on your investment forecasted in the 
Business Plan (up to 5% subject to profit generated), and there is tax relief available, what you are really investing in is the local community of Marple and protection of a key historical asset, that will be brought into Community ownership for ever.



Community Share Offer

Click on the image above to download a copy of The Wharf Marple Community Interest Company Limited Community Investment Bond offer document.

Business Plan

Click on the image above to download a copy of The Wharf Marple Community Interest Company Limited Business Plan.